Sorry I am a bit late in sending out this newsletter… with the Christmas Banquet taking up a lot of our time before Christmas and after… and then we started on upgrading our web site.

When we came up with the idea of putting on a Christmas Banquet for 600 … we had no idea how we could find about $9,000 to fund it when this happened …

  • Austins Catering rang to say they have managed to have the Turkeys and Lambs for 600 sponsored by Bidvest; then
  • Austins Catering rang again to say that their vegetable supplier was willing to supply all of the vegetables at no cost; then
  • BNZ Call Centre by Vector Arena called to say that their staff were supplying shoe boxes filled with gifts for every child at the Banquet
We were now estimating that the Banquet will cost between $3,000 and $4,000… And within three weeks we received money to meet all of the costs.
Just to update those of you this is what each family attending received:
  • Family grocery hamper valued at over $160
  • Sweets for each child
  • Presents for each child … a total value of around $8,000
  • Face Painting for both lunch and dinner
  • Live music
Within three days of advertising this event the evening Banquet was fulling booked and almost all of the lunch Banquet.
Please follow this link and view the PDF of the 2014 Christmas Banquet.



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