Just prior to our Herald Article, Brenda and I went to our local MP and advised him what was about to be published in the Herald the next day, concerning a group of people in his Electorate, and what they were doing that was making a difference in Manurewa.

We asked for assistance in providing an income for a Project Manager.

A meeting was arranged for us to go to the Ministry of Social Development in Auckland, where we told our story and again asked for assistance. The Manager that we met was so taken aback with the results of what we were doing, that he voiced his opinion that he would love to join us in what we were doing.

On hearing our story, and having read the 2000 word Herald article his offer to us was:

  • We could take on a Long Term unemployed person for 6 months from their organisation’s books; and
  • They would pay that person 80% of their wage … but as that was under the minimum wage we would be required to pay the other 20% of their wages and also the ACC levies.

I was stunned. How was this helping us, in fact it appeared to be helping the M.S.D.

We walked away disillusioned. Our Government agreed that what we were achieving was unique, and also that their W.I.N.Z. department and Police/Victim Support were using our Food Banks (because their own were empty) … but there was absolutely nothing they could do to assist us.

If our Government thinks, that by supporting a Kick Start Breakfast Programme in supplying food is going to solve Poverty, they have their heads in the sand.

This chart shows what we are doing … and It is working

Microsoft Word - Chart for BC.docx


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