Well what a first week back at school … and I am so grateful to New World Southmall for their support over the Christmas period.

From the time that school broke up for the holidays until it started again on the 4th of February we received from New World:

  • Over 120 banana boxes of assorted food
  • 200 packets of Tim Tam biscuits
  • 6 boxes of potato chips
  • Dozens of ice blocks
  • Trays of soft drinks
  • 90kgs of cooked sausages

Every request our staff had for food during the holiday period was met immediately, and over 50 children in the Shifnal Road area had a steady supply of goodies most days.

The feedback from the parents was unbelievable. What a difference it made to the children to be ‘spoiled’ in the manner they were. 

We were also given over 200 Christmas presents for the families. Some of the children came up to us during our food deliveries, so excited about the gifts that Santa had bought them. It appeared in many instances that these presents were the only ones these children received.

Saint Kentigern CollegeSt Kentigern College started this week where they left off. My vehicle was filled with assorted clothes and dozens of soccer balls and netballs. This school also donated five banana boxes of Science and Maori Studies resource books to Randwick Park School.

Next Friday Randwick Park School are running ‘trials’ for the Sports Academy, that we have initiated. There is a lot of excitement being generated. Every one of the 30 children selected for this Academy will be given a Canterbury brand, embroidered ‘Hoodie’ donated by Rotary Epsom.

Thanks again for all your words of encouragement and prayers during this time.


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