When Breakfast Club started at Glen Innes School in 2013, we heard that a large number of families at that school do not celebrate Christmas as they can not afford to.

Immediately that Christmas, on the 23rd of December we put on a Banquet for 150 people.  The following year we did the same and invited 600 people.

For the past two years we have created a Christmas Store, on the 23rd of December where we gave food to 100 families and presents to 500 children.

This year we have increased the Christmas Store, doubled the size of the ‘Playground’ outside the store for the children and invited 150 families with about 1,000 children.  The Christmas Shoebox will be providing presents for all of the 1,000 children along with Mr Whippy, Bouncy Castles, Candy Floss, Pop Corn, Lollies, Facepainting and Hot Dogs.  We even have a Café Van supplying coffee to the parents and staff. Read all about it in the Christmas Store flyer.

To put on this event we will need to raise $16,000.  In 2016 we needed $8,000 for the basic event and raised $12,000 which enabled us to provide much more.

For the past four years we have had the same 50+ volunteers, with 90% of last years workers committing to this year again so you can be sure it’s lots of fun to be involved!

Please consider being part of this event whether as a donor, supporter or visitor on the day. Steve is looking forward to hearing from you. You can find out how to donate by going to the front page of our website.

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