Donations come to us here at the breakfast club in all sorts of shapes and sizes some of them rather large. Here are just a few stories of  donations recently received that have let us help the community with more than just food..

One of our staff members talked to us about a mother in the community  who is dying of cancer – she did not have her own washing machine and was having to ask neighbors to do her washing.  We text Aaron Appliance and Repairs … and within the hour he had a washing machine for this lady. The next day he both delivered and installed this machine.

If any one needs their appliances repaired ring Charles.

  We had an offer from a family in Howick for 7 single lounge chairs, 2 double lounge chairs, Hammond Organ and an outdoor suite.  When we went there to uplift it one of the helpers re-told a story of how a family had their mobility scooter stolen and they could not afford to replace it.  This family then bought to our attention that they had a mobility scooter that had hardly been used that they would donate to this family.

One of our ladies noticed that a family had no beds for their children.

The same day we were offered two sets of metal white enameled bunks and trundle beds with mattresses.  When we posted this fact on Facebook we received a number of offers of bedding.  One supporter who had just arrived back home to Queenstown from an overseas trip even couriered a duvet up to us.

We try to say yes to all donations offered to us, as we know how much they are needed in the community. But sometimes it is difficult to get larger items picked up – we are in desperate need of our own van.

Over the next few months we will be fundraising  towards this, so watch this space and facebook for more information.


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