Attendance increase now in the 90th percentile

Reading increase from 46 to 71 percent

National Standard rise in Mathematics from 26 to 46 percent

Real Impact

While Breakfast Club never started with many goals other than enabling kids to get to school and learn, the tangible difference we have made across seven schools has been beyond anything we could have ever imagined. No one can express this better than our Principals.


“At Glen Taylor we have seen a huge rise in attendance from our senior students, now in the ninetieth percentile compared to National Average of 66 per cent, a reading cohort increase from 46 to 71 per cent and a National Standard in Mathematics rise from 26 to 46 percent – and all of this since Breakfast Club came to our school, and brought all its other initiatives with it. What may seem like simple things to some (like providing polo shirts for our senior kids) make a real difference to how students and their families feel about themselves and this has the power to make an enormous tangible difference to academic and attendance outcomes. We are so grateful.”

Chris Herlihy, Principal, Glen Taylor School

“When Steve first brought Breakfast Club to our school we had no idea what kind of changes we could expect, aside from kids being able to concentrate with fuller tummies. The results have been astounding and while feeding the kids has helped, it’s everything that has come with it too. Steve has helped secure uniforms for our senior children, shoes, a Garden to Table program, sports camps, the Christmas Store, sports bras, sanitary products and so much more. We’re a socio-economically challenged area and government funding will only cover so much. Now our students have such a sense of belonging and pride and are achieving so much more than we ever thought possible.”

Jono Hendricks, Principal, Glen Innes School

In 2017 the Education Board conducted an additional audit of both Glen Innes and Glen Taylor Schools as the results they were achieving far exceeded others schools in the area.  BC’s involvement was the reason given for these stunning results


To talk to Steve about how you can help, call him on 021 906 734

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