We are so grateful for the on going support of so many people on a regular basis.

Today I thought I would high light one of them – St Kentigern College have been working hard for us for some time now, their principal Steve Cole has a fantastic “make it happen” attitude, which is refreshing.

Just this last month they have helped us with the following…

I was asked by a team taking a container to the Solomon’s – for school uniforms etc.   St Kentigern College (out of the blue) asked me if I knew anyone wanting school uniforms (off shore – as they did not want them worn in NZ).  I mentioned the Solomon’s – and they immediately gave me 13 larges boxes of school uniforms with 5 more large boxes coming.

They have taken to Glen Innes School 120 tins of food (Spaghetti etc) … heaps of stationery … one complete set of rugby jersey’s (brand new and in plastic bags – and a box of rugby boots.

They also gave me 75 brand new dress shirts ideal for the senior kids at Glen Innes and Randwick Park … for graduation.

Glen Innes School, mentioned in passing, of a need for tennis balls.  The following day St Kentigern College offered us 200 tennis balls and an assortment of soccer, rugby and netballs.

St Kentigern College delivered 200 desserts to Glen Innes School

I put the following two suggestions/concepts to the principal of St Kentigern College:

–      Next term St Kentigern College host the principals of the 6 Primary Schools we are helping for lunch, that would give these Principals an opportunity to have open dialogue and also to create relationships that may never otherwise be able to be created.  It was suggested that we also bring along the Principal of Elim Christian College.

–      We discussed how in 2013 St Kentigern College have assisted in coaching the rugby and netball teams at Randwick Park School.  Now that we have more Primary schools involved an idea of running a Rugby and Netball Camp at the end of term one in 2014 was discussed with the 1st XV Rugby and Premier Netball teams at St Kentigern College involved.

Steve Cole, Principal of St Kentigern College made one comment to us … “Make it Happen”.


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