Our Vision

To assist principals at low decile schools to enable student learning by removing obstacles caused by poverty, hunger and lack of resources.

What do we do?

“Now our students have such a sense of belonging and pride and are achieving so much more than we ever thought possible.”


Jono Hendricks, Principal, Glen Innes School

What do we do?

While the title would suggest we just provide cereal and toast for hungry kids, Breakfast Club is so much more than that.

Who are we?

Breakfast Club was founded by Steve Farrelly, an ex police officer with a soft spot for cheeky, hungry kids. 

What people say

As we have grown different people have noticed what we are doing and started writing some pretty cool things about us.

Want to help?

If you think you can help our children in some way then please let us know here. If you would simply like to donate then you can do so here.

Thank you 🙂

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To talk to Steve about how you can help, call him on 021 906 734

To volunteer or to attend a seminar on "How Breakfast Club works", then click here


Donations are handled through the Zion Ministries Charitable Trust.

For bank deposits please use:
Zion Ministries Trust
ASB 12-3233-0563692-00

For cheques, please post to:
PO Box 217 028, Botany Junction 2164, Manukau