First a Merry Christmas from all of us at Breakfast Club!

Christmas Store


Less than a month out from our Christmas Store (22 December) and we have reached our $20,000 budget thanks to a few very generous corporate donors (5 donors together gave $10,000).

There will be 200 families invited and around 1,000 children attending.

Inside the Glen Innes School Hall we have the following stands with products at no charge:

  • Life Church Hampers (200 of them)
  • Vaka Tautua Stand with corned beef cans, frozen veggies, potatoes and onions
  • Carter Farms Stand with mince, vermicelli to make chop suey
  • Frozen legs of lamb for each family
  • Food hampers
  • 200 x 15 kilo bags of rice from Samex
  • Flexo Toys -every family will receive toys
  • DTR with every family getting a rugby ball, netball, soccer ball, cricket set
  • Hubbards Cereal -cereal for every family
  • Abes Bagels
  • Coca Cola -Coke No Sugar (500 cans), Pump water (800 bottles)
  • Gatting Caterers dessert hampers
  • Mums n Bubs -every family that has under 3 year olds will be offered nappies, rash cream, baby food, baby bath, sanitary products
  • Health Pak with assortment of shampoo, body wash etc
  • Henkel products such as washing liquid and hair products
  • The Collective Yoghurt for each family and 1,00 suckies for the children
  • Finally each mother will be offered cut up watermelon and Tip Top ice-cream

Outside in the playground, free of charge:

  • Mr Whippy Icecreams (we have budgeted on giving away 1,000 ice creams)
  • Cafe2U van for coffee, hot chocolate, smoothies
  • Lollie Shop -unlimited supply
  • Facepainting
  • Presents for all 1,000 invited children
  • 3 bouncy castles
  • Candy Floss, pop corn, hot dogs
  • Muzz Buzz Slushies

This is our biggest event to date with excitement building daily at present. We have 60 volunteers all fired up and ready to go!

Fun Runs 2019

The Fun runs in February and August were such a success this year with the Glen Innes senior children that Glen Taylor School has asked to be part of this event in 2019. Results at the 2018 Sports Camp with Glen Innes School improved by 500% from the previous year. The NZ Police have again asked to be part of these events, with the running distance being 2.4km, the police qualifying distance.

We have decided to add to these two runs, a King and Queen of Maungakiekie run in June. This event has two new sponsors with DTR (Vodafone Warriors Sponsor) and Blackmores joining Shoe Clinic, Direct Sports, Energise Marketing, Rotary Auckland East, Hubbards and New World Eastridge. The prize pool is now about $4,000. Competition will be fierce!

The Fun Run in 2019 will be from the Pakuranga Yacht Club to St Kentigern College, with other sporting activities at the end of the run. We see that within a few years, inviting all of the 5 decile one schools that we look after, and the 5 that St Kentigern college looks after, that 1,000 children will be participating. Blackmores Australian Company runs Fun Runs in Sydney each year for 41,000 and they have expressed an interest in helping run our event -“watch this space!”

Auckland Christmas Shoebox

Four years ago a lady at the BNZ in Mahuhu Cresent, Auckland had an idea about having staff at her bank create presents in shoeboxes for the children attending our Christmas Store. In the first year they collected about 200 presents.

This year Auckland Christmas Shoebox has morphed into collecting 3,000 presents. 1,100 of these presents went to Breakfast Club and the remaining went to Family Works and Womens Refuge. It is expected that in 2019 closer to 4,000 presents will be offered.

Heartland Bank

The Lady from the BNZ who had the original idea about Christmas presents is now at the Heartland Bank in Auckland. This year she got the staff at this bank to buy into her vision and put together 50 presents for the New Entrants at Glen Innes School. Heartland Bank are very interested in working with Breakfast Club in 2019. Watch this space!

CEO’s Night

In November, thanks to a very generous sponsor in Hancock’s Wines and Spirits, all of our CEO’s that support/sponsor Breakfast Club were invited to an evening at Hancock’s and an incredible dinner and social evening was provided. Many relationships were forged that evening.
We are at present looking at repeating this evening mid 2019 with Guest Speakers being invited.


We have now received over $2 million in groceries since 2010 which have been 100% distributed. Our suppliers of these grocery products are predominantly from New World Eastridge, Hubbards, Ormiston Pak n Save, Samex and New World Southmall. Negotiations are currently underway with two more supermarkets, both in the Foodstuffs chain. We have had a meeting with the owner of Botany New World which we think will result in a relationship being built in 2019.

We have a close relationship with both Family Works Food Bank, South Auckland Christian Food Bank and Vaka Tautua Charity which we support with any excess food we receive.

In 2018 we were able to distribute 20 ton of rice and several pallets of Hubbards Cereals.

St Kentigern College remains as a close ally in numerous areas of our out reach, as between us we have 10 decile one schools that we look after.


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