When the Breakfast club started four years ago we knew that we didn’t just want to feed kids breakfast. We wanted to make a difference to their lives.

This ment that we needed to connect with the community that they were living in and work along side the teaches, social workers and the police.

Over time the kids felt they could trust us and would talk about problem at home which was a start.

But our biggest secret weapons come in a sweet package called Nanna’s !

We have two important Nana’s at each of our schools Nanna Kay and Nanna Terry.

What’s so special about these amazing women ? Well they not only look after their own grandkids, they also provide food to the local kids when they are hungry

Each little one we work with knows that if things are bad at home, Nana Kay’s and Terry’s homes are a safe place to go. Where they won’t be turned away, but welcomed with a hug.

These ladies and others like them work tirelessly along side us to help improve this next generations chances. With out their connections we would find it hard to find out who needed our help.

It is the Nana’s who phone¬†us when someone’s house burns down and they need to find beds for the kids that night.

They are the ones who visit families to find 13 children sitting on the floor eating plain rice because there is nothing else in the fridge.

They are the ones who go home and bring back anything they have to help.

Every community need more nana’s and we all need to do as much as we can to help them.

Thank YOU for your support.


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