Further to our last update when I spoke about all our requests being met even before we asked anyone for anything … well that has continued.

bayfield schoolOur Food Bank was pretty well depleted in the last two weeks … and I sat there last Friday thinking of ways of ‘getting’ more Spaghetti and Baked Beans tins and cereal. I left Breakfast Club to go to a meeting at Bayfield School in Herne Bay to update them on what has been happening over the past 4 months. Bayfield School have been a very generous supporter of our Food Bank and Op Shop over the past two years.

The minute I walked to the principal’s office she pointed to a long line of shopping bags. One of the parents in the school had been given the food by her Church and she bought them to the school for them to decide who to give them to. There were over 100 tins of Watties Food, and 30 boxes of cereal.

On Sunday night and Monday morning we had three urgent requests for Food Parcels and we were able to amply supply these families needs … thank you Bayfield School.

On Thursday last week a lady rang me to donate to our Breakfast Club 50 bread plates. When I went to uplift them she told me of a neighbour that was 8 months pregnant, solo mother, that had no washing machine at all. My friend had been washing her clothes for her. I made a quick call to a friend that owns an Electrical Repair Company, and let him know of this need. Two days later he delivered a washing machine to this house.

crackerjackOn Friday last week, Quantum Sport launched the CrackerJack Kids Sporting programme into Randwick Park School, which has been fully sponsored by donations to our Breakfast Club. To see 700 children yelling and laughing at the top of their lungs to the team from Quantum Sport was very emotional. Eroni Clarke, former All Black, did an awesome job of stirring up the children and letting them believe that they, like him, can aim for the sky and reach what ever goal is set.

It was great to see at this launch some of the participants of the Head2Head walk of 2012, that had walked the 130km around the Manukau Harbour to raise funds for this initiative. It put faces to the generous people that our children had heard about, who loved them so much, yet had never met them until today.

We have 10 teams wanting to sign up for the Head2Head walk at Labour Weekend this year, and 100 cyclists. Our web site should be up in the next week or two … so watch this space.

We have three requests from three separate families for baby clothes, high chairs, cots and push chairs. If you know of someone no longer having a use for this baby equipment, please let us know.

As usual Monday this week a lot of our children forgot to turn back their clocks … and we had 70 children for Breakfast. A fun time was had by all.

The Sports Academy at Randwick Park School starts today. I have the task of driving the St Kentigern College van with their First Fifteen Coach and players and bringing them to our school. Straight after this coaching our Netball Girls then go to St Kentigern College to be Coached. Thirty children are being considered for this Academy which has been sponsored by Rotary Epsom and St Kentigern College. Already we have had 57 brand new rugby jerseys supplied, Netball Bibs and 30 Hoodies.

We are creating motivational posters for the Sports Academy. We will publish one each week.

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